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Smoked Pork Belly Slider the best you can have.


Ever wish for your own personal Smokey? Someone to help carry the load? We’ve got your back and your stomach in this case. With Smokey Sliders types of rolls and protein options for every style, Smokey Sliders are your new favorite sidekick. They may not carry your bags or unload your car, but they will make your mouth WAY happy. And with the highest quality ingredients and unheard of flavor combos, they’ll make you at least feel famous. So go ahead, order a Sliders. In fact, get two AND a bag of chips and all our delicious sides. Enjoy a taste of the rock star life. So order up, you won’t regret it

About Us


Here at Smokey Sliders whether they're filled with burger patties, pulled pork, pulled chicken and many more,sliders are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at any party, backyard, barbeque or tailgate. Our sliders is a taste you'll always remember, its something hot and something tasty. We make it fresh in the house. We fulfill our customers comfort food cravings. Once you try it, you will love it. 

Our amazing Cod Fish to die for.
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